Sign in with Google

Most websites want you to sign in with your email address. The idea being you create an account with them and provide an email. This is a common thing on the net. However, sometimes you get an icon to sign up with an account you already have. 

You can sign in with your Microsoft account, Twitter account, Apple account or Google account. Convenient for users. No creation of yet another account. You piggyback off an account you already have. 

Google is a bit more aggressive. If you arrive at a website, it thinks you should use Google to sign into then you get a pop-up message. Just sign in. This is before you even decide it's a website you want to register with. It's tempting just to click on OK. 

I found this annoying. You can get rid of constant requests to "sign in with Google". Go to your Google account security page,  then find the section "Signing in to other sites", select "signing in with Google", turn off "Google Account sign-in prompts".

This should remove being continually prompted to sign in with Google. 


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