Airpods. The next generation.

 Whether you love or hate Apple, one thing is for sure, their product design does influence the world.

Airpods are a good example. The wireless earbuds with a short stalk looked a bit goofy when they were launched. However, it didn't take long for the Chinese to clone (fake) the design and for competitors to step in. Airpods don't have to be the best. They just have to be good. The users of Apple's iPhone want the ease of use function that pairs the Airpods quickly with an iPhone. Other products are not quite as good. It's not just about the best music experience but the one most Apple users like.

My own discovery of Airpods was buying some cheap ones on Ebay. I hadn't quite realised that, unlike other buds, they didn't have soft gel fittings for the ears. With most of the "pro" noise cancelling ear buds you have a removable tip. Different tips are for different sized ear canals. For some users this is essential. I found I couldn't quite get it right. On more than one occasion I have jammed the tip in my ear when I pulled out traditional ear buds. I just couldn't get the fit right and when you pulled the cheaper ones it all fell apart.

The Airpods are one size. Fortunately they fit my ears. They stop me pushing them too hard into the ear and they stay in place. They work for me.

Christmas came so it was time for an upgrade. Receiving a bit of cash led me to the new third generation Airpods.

They are smaller, the stalk is smaller, they have spacial audio. I have an iPhone so they work well with the software.

I did consult other people before spending the money. I reviewed the cheaper alternatives. All seemed to suffer from the negative aspects of ease of use. Most people are not audiophiles. They don't notice the range of sound that more expensive products bring to listening. Airpods are about design, look, and ease of use. For most people the listening experience is great.


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