Apple IOS 14 is upsetting Facebook

 Facebook is getting upset with Apple. The new update going to Apple iphones and ipads this autumn will bring in new privacy features. Apple has been using privacy as a key differentiator of it's smartphones for some time. It has told the FBI that it can't hack it's own encryption. It says that it's imessage service is end to end encrypted. It has biometric access to devices via touch id or face id. This is in contrast to Google's Android where you do a deal with Google that for free services your data is used to deliver advertising.

Facebook adopts the same model. Your data is provided to advertisers. The Facebook app on smartphones tracks you. So if you have been searching the web for a new pair of trousers you suddenly find that Facebook is sending you deals for trousers on your feed. Tracking means that Facebook can tell advertisers what you are interested in. Its creepy and amazing simultaneously. 

With IOS 14 for the iphone each app will ask you if you want to be tracked. Say no and Facebook doesn't know what you want and will send you random adverts rather than targetted ones. According to Facebook it fears a reduction of 50% in its ad revenue because people will not consent to be tracked when they are asked. 

Privacy. The battleground Apple is choosing to fight for it's customers.  


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