Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, isn't short of ambition. He wants his new purchase to be an everything app. Right now, it is a something app. It's a microblog with 280 characters for a posting. Each posting is referred to as a tweet. Each post is supposed to be answering one question - what is happening?

Musk isn't thinking of something new. The Chinese app WeChat, created by the megacorp Tencent, is exactly that for the Chinese market. 

WeChat started with Instant Messaging. It then evolved. Now it's also a bank, online shopping, personal payment system, food delivery service and more. It is an essential daily app for most Chinese citizens.

Can Musk bring the concept to the west via Twitter? He seems to want to.

Twitter's current selling point is that it is a place for news, brands, journalism, and speech. It would take a lot to increase usage to a tipping point where it becomes an everything app for every consumer. Most consumers are happier with different apps to do different things. Musk has a head start on the ambition as a founder of PayPal. Payments could be the first new Twitter service. The problem is that his erratic behaviour may put off an audience. 

I don't know if Twitter can become the everything app. What I do know is that this week it is his plan. 


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