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Twitter 2.0

 Elon Musk , the new owner of Twitter , has declared that his version of the social media platform will be Twitter 2.0 .  Commentators are unsure of what this means or whether Elon Musk even has a plan for Twitter,  We do know he spent $44 billion on Twitter. Several analysts say that Twitter may have been worth about $25 billion. We also know that Musk tried to backtrack on his offer, only court action to enforce the legal terms of the purchase seems to have forced Musk to go ahead. It is reported that $13 billion of the money he paid for the company was in loans that have now been put on the Twitter balance sheet. Loan repayments are expected to be $1 billion per year.  Twitter has only made profits in two of the last ten years. Paying $1 billion a year on loans will be challenging. Most of Twitter's income, like most of the "free internet", comes from advertising.  Musk says that he wants half of Twitter's income from subscriptions rather than advertising. He has a


 My Twitter profile says I joined in 2008. A platform that emulated text messaging on a phone and informed the world of what's happening.  You could just tell people about your day or what you are doing now. The 140-character limit was based on the limits of text messaging. Over time this became 280 characters. People created threads of linked messages. People added links to news sources and the use of hashtags made subject specific tweets easy to find.  Those on Twitter numbered three hundred million by 2022. By social network standards this is small.  Much lower than the two billion Facebook users. Meta, the owner of Facebook, could also add the membership of Whatsapp and Instagram , which it also owns.  Whatever the social benefits of social media the business of financing it is troublesome. The founders of Instagram and Whatsapp simply sold up to corporation with a lot of money. Meta is estimated to earn more than 90% of its revenue from advertising. Its users are the product