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Big Theatre and new strategy

 One of the fun things we get every year is the production values of Apple Events. Originally these were presentations with Steve Jobs. Back in time, whether it was iPod or the first iPhone, it was just a series of slides and commentary from the CEO.  Jobs also had the "one more thing" moment. In an almost casual way, he would announce a significant product. There are compilations of these on YouTube. Central to the last few years has been the announcement of the latest iPhone. It was, for a long time, reassuringly expensive. Not at all affordable. However, Apple is unlike Android in a good way. The software updates mean that old iPhones keep going and going. In 2022, Chris Evans, the actor who played Captain America, said on social media that his iPhone 6 had died. That is a seven year old device.   iPhone is difficult to repair, is security locked that creates vast amounts of ewaste, but it is long living.  This means that "cheap" Android devices are now outnumber

Apple Sceptic

 For years I have been an "Apple sceptic". I have thought they produced good products and I was fully aware that the iPhone and associated services pulled people into a walled garden. All things Apple work together. The web page you are looking at can be sent to a Mac. The map you annotate on a Mac will also receive the same annotations when you open the maps application on the iPhone.  A couple of years back I bought an Apple Watch . At the time I had some vouchers and cash from birthday gifts, the pandemic was ongoing, face id on my iPhone didn't work with masks. As an almost angry purchase to fix the problem of constantly typing in codes, I bought an Apple Watch.  It kept good time, counted my steps and generally did a lot of basic stuff very well. This week I have been on holiday in Paris. If you watch YouTube then you will know that pickpockets work throughout the city. You have to keep you bags sealed, your money hidden and your iPhone out of eyesight. Despite the f