Green iPhone

The big Apple event in March was all about the new iPhone SE, the new Mac Studio and the monitors.

However, I was struck by the green iPhone 13. It was just a new colour. The iPhone 13 was launched 6 months ago. it seems a bit mad that an additional colour was announced at this point. Apple did this last year. A purple iPhone was launched at about the same time. The Apple blogsphere produced a response. Short videos of unboxing and statements that this is a great new colour. It is.

In a world where Android phone makers are launching new models every week and annual phone refresh seems a distant memory at this point. Apple are trying to just have a promotional boost. Something to have a new item in store. Something to provoke an upgrade. Something just to remind people of Apple products.

It shows an awareness that the brand needs to generate a wow factor more than once a year.


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