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The Mac value proposition

  Windows has been my daily productivity choice for years. The range of devices, prices, specifications and the operating system has been a compelling choice. Most people don't really choose Windows as an operating system. They need to use Microsoft services, Outlook or Office. They are given their PC by their employer or perhaps buy on price. A small group of people, measured in millions, choose an operating system specifically, and think a lot about features and capabilities. Price is also a factor. Recently I bought a M1 MacBook Air. An Apple product running macOS Monterey . I can still run Microsoft Office applications, there are Mac versions. However, I strongly believe that the future of computing in the home is mobile devices running on power efficient processors with long battery life. This is where the Mac and it's M1 processor is sitting right now. There are other factors. While I still use Windows at work the operating system is becoming a mess. The look and feel wi

Airpods. The next generation.

  Whether you love or hate Apple, one thing is for sure, their product design does influence the world. Airpods are a good example. The wireless earbuds with a short stalk looked a bit goofy when they were launched. However, it didn't take long for the Chinese to clone (fake) the design and for competitors to step in. Airpods don't have to be the best. They just have to be good. The users of Apple's iPhone want the ease of use function that pairs the Airpods quickly with an iPhone. Other products are not quite as good. It's not just about the best music experience but the one most Apple users like. My own discovery of Airpods was buying some cheap ones on Ebay . I hadn't quite realised that, unlike other buds, they didn't have soft gel fittings for the ears. With most of the "pro" noise cancelling ear buds you have a removable tip. Different tips are for different sized ear canals. For some users this is essential. I found I couldn't quite get it