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Apple TV

  Apple TV is a TV connected box and, optionally, a subscription service called Apple TV+. Apple TV has a history. If you trace it back far enough you get to Steve Jobs seeing the potential of Pixar animation studio . Apple got a direct connection to the world of Hollywood. iTunes became the software that connected the Mac to the iPod. It was also the place to download music, movies and TV. Eventually Apple made a box that connected to your TV and launched Apple TV+. Today you can buy or rent TV programmes and movies. You can display content on your TV via an Apple TV box or an app on your smart TV. If that isn't enough Apple goodness you can subscribe to their TV+ service at £4.99 per month or through the Apple One subscription . Apple One being their subscription bundle. A good number of people are paying nothing for this right now. Between free offers and trials you can try it all out for nothing. After buying an iPhone in 2020 I got a year free. A few days ago my LG TV gave m

Windows on ARM

Qualcomm had an event in Hawaii this month. December has been traditional over recent years for those interested in mobile processors to jet off to the US state in the middle of the pacific. The central announcement was the new SnapDragon 8 Gen 1 . This processor is already on the agenda for the next generation of mobile phones. However, it's also viewed through the prism of Windows on ARM. ARM is the design of processors that uses lower power and RISC (reduced instruction set) to provide thin, light and battery saving devices. Unnecessary attributes in the world of the desktop PC. Desktop PCs could be inefficient heat producing high horsepower devices plugged into the mains power. To keep ever more powerful chips cool the heatsinks got bigger and the fans became larger and some gamers had watercooled systems. Intel has been the brand of raw processor horsepower. Attached to Microsoft's Windows operating system for over three decades. Intel has had some competition. AMD produc