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 Facebook has had a few issues lately. It's been making plenty of money. The problem is that regulators are extremely interested as to whether it's internal processes fail to protect it's users and promote a variety of harmful content. It seems just providing people with more of what they want might do more harm than good.  Almost as if the current problems are being ignored the CEO, Mark Zukerberg, announced that the company will change it's name to Meta .  There is a lot to look at with this. Facebook is more than just it's own social media site. It also owns WhatsApp , InstaGram , and Occulus . There is some sense in having an overarching brand that ties together these businesses.  Zuckerberg not only faces regulatory pressure but also the impression that Facebook itself is becoming a toxic environment and, for some, a threat to democracy supporting conspiracy theories, anti-vax movements and much more. Facebook also has a changing demographic. People under the

Windows 11 - 5th October 2021

 Windows 11 is launching on 5th October 2021. Not as significant as 15th August 1995. That was the day that Windows 95 launched. Windows 95 brought us the start button, 32-bit computing, and a totally different way of using Windows that has persisted to this day. Windows 95 was launched to queues buying boxed versions of the OS from retail stores. In 1995 the personal computing market was Windows. More than 90% of PCs ran Windows and the mobile ecosystem was not in place. Microsoft audaciously launched the Microsoft Network (MSN) at the time. The Internet existed but the people who were online were dialing into online services like Compuserve . Compuserve is now owned by AOL.  By October 1995 Bill Gates wrote a memo saying that the Internet would be the focus of Microsoft's efforts. Effectively reversing the effort to compete with specialist online services in just a two months.  Windows 11 is not that vast change. Windows is now part of a wider computing market in which mobile is