YouTube Alternatives

 There are two aspects to YouTube. One is the element of self-publishing and cat videos. The other is the creative space where people now run entire businesses on YouTube. Their channel subscribers and advertising revenue shares mean they are full time YouTubers. 

The problem is that all the power is in the hands of Google. Google can demontize a YouTuber. They can suddenly get no money for a stream. A channel can be closed down. The metrics and algorithms can make your videos less visible. The power is with Google. 

Out of this creators are looking for other places to present content. The ones I have found include Nebula and Odysee.

Nebula is a subscription service. You don't subscribe directly but you get it free when you pay for CuriosityStream. At $19 per year you get a documentary channel and a creators channel. The creators on Nebula are often YouTubers that use the platform for longer form videos and things that would not bubble up on the YouTube algorithmic searches. YouTube, like most online services, doesn't really care what it serves you it just wants you to keep addicted watching adverts. 

A second alternative is Odysee. Odysee's selling point is that it is decentralised. It is powered by Lbry, a decentralised content store based on the blockchain. It is a protocol that allows people to have decentralised content. This removes the power of a single publisher to remove content or block content. How this will turnout is anyone's guess.

Right now YouTube remains king of the videos. However, content creators are aware of its limits and there are moves to find alternatives for creators and users. 


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