Windows 11 after all

 In the world of rapid development cycles nothing stays the same for long. Microsoft have now moved Windows 11 testing into the more stable "beta" channel. I am still nervous about moving my PC into a beta environment but I am a long time user of Windows, professionally and personally, so what happens to Windows matters to me. 

The Windows Insider programme has three levels of entry.

DEV. This is the most frequently updated and buggy version released for public comment and testing.

BETA. A version for professionals and enthusiasts to see what is coming next with a less frequent update schedule and fewer problems. 

RC. A release candidate version. The last version before formal release of a production ready product. A version for businesses and developers to see what the next released version will look like. 

All of these will provide feedback and telemetry to Microsoft. The beta channel is most suitable for people who want to feedback to Microsoft on how Windows 11 is really going. 

This week I felt confident enough to install the beta version. In this channel I am missing the "Teams 2.0" consumer chat client. Apart from that it seems reasonably stable and it is looking good.


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