Dev is short for development. The act of software creation. Along with DevOps, development plus operations, it is the place where modern software creation lies. Creation of software rapidly with rapid iteration. 

I am not a developer. However, I like to understand the process. As someone who manages systems, and uses command line tools like  Powershell, understanding rapid software change is part of the process. 

Recently I was exploring the subject and found something I hadn't realised. Google own the Top Level Domain (TLD) called dev. A Top Level Domain is the part of the Internet that defines the organisation of domains. Domains ending in "com" are broadly created for companies, "edu" for education, "gov" for Government and so on. The UK Government owns "". Anyone who wants to use a "" address needs to be doing some UK Government or Local Government function. Over the years the Top Level Domain owners have either strictly managed the names or rather more loosely in the case of a "com" domain. 

I discovered Google own .dev. If you go to Get Dev then you can look for a .dev domain. I was curious. I am not a developer but I have done language courses, I am currently learning some Python. Maybe I should pick up a dev domain and get an email address for development. 

I have registered The cost was £10. So now I have an address to use for development projects. Its going to be undeniably trivial. Dev domains need to use https so they need an SSL certificate. The easy solution is to use a Google Sites website as a landing page. Redirecting mail to my regular Gmail address means I don't have to subscribe to an email account. 

Doing IT courses are a minefield of unfinished intentions for me. Just learning about the dev domain has been interesting on its own. 


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