Apple WWDC 2020

WWDC is the Apple World Wide Developer Conference.  Apple now makes most money from the iPhone, wants the Ipad to be taken seriously as a laptop replacement and still has a tiny share of the personal computer market. 

WWDC is an annual event for people who create the software, make money from the iPhone app store and “live” in the Apple ecosystem of devices. 

Apple also want even more control of their devices. For this reason they have decided to accelerate the impact of making their own chips for devices. In the next two years Apple will move the Mac from Intel chips to ARM based chips that they design. 

On the other hand the iPhone will get the ability to actually customise more of the experience bringing “widgets” and allowing users to set a default browser and mail application. Not revolutionary but annoyances for iPhone users. 

Apple always announce these things as “world changing”. Mostly it’s catch-up. Android has allowed many more configuration options for years and is more a fundamental part of the operating system than just a feature. Microsoft has been dabbling with ARM chips in PCs since 2012 with limited success. Microsoft always felt constrained by their huge customer base depending on Intel compatibility. Apple have never felt constrained to just flip to a new paradigm on their PCs but announce their slow motion moves on mobile as a revolution. The reason for the difference is volume. Get it wrong on the Mac and it doesn’t affect too many people and the bottom line won’t be hit. Get it wrong on mobile and then you hit your largest customer base. 

The new IOS 14 comes out in the autumn. The new Macs will start arriving at the end of 2020. 


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