iPhone SE 2020 is a game changer

The iPhone SE 2020 costs $399 in the USA. This is the same price as the older SE launched a few years back to deal with iPhone users who loved the screen size of the iPhone 4 and just kept their device until it died. They then went to eBay and replaced it with the same device.

Apple have spent recent years raising the price of the latest iPhone. If you pay cash then $999 is the price of the latest iPhone. Add some more storage and it zooms past $1000. 

The $399 iPhone launched in April 2020 has the latest processor, a decent camera, runs the latest software, has a smaller screen and uses the body of an iPhone 8. A design recycle rather than a refresh.

However, at this price it is now in the space that mid-range Android phone makers occupy. There are premium Android phones at more than $1000. They have been competing with iPhone. However, in the mid-range lower price market a lot of manufacturers have been making money well away from Apple.

The $399 iPhone is something that people that thought it was a too expensive brand can now consider. The iPhone SE 2020 is at a price that should change the market for lower priced Android devices even more dramatically in the coming months.

Mr Mobile Review of the iPhone SE 2020.


  1. Unfortunately, at the same price,buy an android phone. we get more cameras and amoled display.


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