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I have switched on https proper on these minor pages in a remote part of the Internet. Google will love me for it.  Secure your site with HTTPS  is the title of their advice. Not only is it good advice the Google search algorithm now pushes your site up the queue if you use https. Configuring the site to use https was easy here. I host the domain on Google itself so it just works. If you have your own small website you may have looked at using secure certificates. However, they normally cost money. If you just run a site for a club or yourself spending £60 a year for a certificate is more than you really want to spend. The answer I have found is free ssl certificates. The site will give you an ssl certificate for free if you can prove you own the site. An easy way is just to put a TXT record in your DNS that recognises. The only downside I can see is that you need to renew the cert every three months. Not a problem for the amateur blogger. Sec