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Nested VMs in Azure

Azure is Microsoft's cloud environment that it likes to sell to business. The cloud is a name designed to conjure up nebulous space that is just there and available for people who need business computing. It's a little like making a sausage - it's nice to eat but you really don't want to know how it is made. Azure consists of a number of services you can rent and pay for by the minute, hour, month or year. You don't need to go buy a large room, electrical power, lots of servers from Dell or HP, software etc up front. Instead, your Azure subscription pays for what you need. If you work for a company that has a Microsoft developer subscription (MSDN) then you get some free credit each month to learn about Azure and set up some of your own Azure services. Usually, this is for self-education and building custom solutions. One thing you can do is create virtual machines. Azure is a number of large data centres in the US, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. Microsoft put