First bash on Windows 10

So bash is installed and running on Windows 10 here. Its actually a whole Ubuntu sub-system running inside Windows 10 talking to the NT kernel. This basically means user space programs on the cli are available. Things like ssh, ftp and the like. You can also download things.

Right now to enable this you have to run the cutting edge buggy Windows 10 Preview enabled in Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Advanced Settings. You need to set the ‘fast ring’. Once that is done you get an update and you then add Linux as a feature here;



In order not to mess up my daily laptop I have this Lenovo T410 just to run the beta. Makes more sense than crashing the regular one.

For me the first app on the Linux system is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Invented by Phil Zimmerman to protect internet users privacy in communication it’s still a great tool today, The best implementation seems to still be the command line Linux/Unix variant although Symantec make a version for Unix when they bought Network Associates.

Windows has always provided the cheapest experience for “normal people”. The license price was effectively bundled with the PC purchase price so most people think Windows is free. Yet Linux, the free OS, has always had this kind of utility set of programs that IT Pros and developers have liked to have. So whilst this might look like Microsoft embracing Linux arguably a better interpretation is Microsoft gives option of a full Unix toolchest to IT Pros. It’s pretty unlikely that Grandma will be adding Linux to her Dell laptop any time soon.

I have now uploaded my public key to the PGP keyserver;


This will join my onename link here;

I don’t much encrypted signed email but I think that privacy should be the default position of everyone in IT and I am doing my little bit to help make it work!


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