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Flight Tracking

Cortana , Microsoft's new assistant for PCs, integrates its Bing search engine front and centre of Windows 10 . This is designed to compete with Siri (from Apple), and Google Now . You can get Cortana for Windows PCs, Windows phones (Windows 10 mobile) and now for Android if you are in the USA. If you want to try Cortana for Android and you are prepared to side-load it by switching off (temporarily) the security of downloading apps from other sources then you can get Cortana from here; APK Mirror App security settings are shown on Google's pages . I flip from Google Now to Cortana. Although my preferred mobile device is Windows 10 Mobile my daily phone is Android due to the 'app gap' in Windows Mobile. I would like to have all my devices run with Cortana because it is genuinely cross-platform and I should be able to standardise on one personal assistant. The main issue is how "intelligent" is Cortana. Most recently I booked a flight for my holiday