HomeHub Decomissioned

The BT HomeHub is the free router that comes with your BT Infinity broadband connection. It's OK. It does what it is supposed to do most of the time. However there are a few problems with it. Just recently it seems to have suddenly stopped like my voice over ip phone. When you type in the wrong URL it 'helpfully' routes you to a BT search page. Rather annoyingly you can't set your own DNS server and it has a funny habit of leaving stale dhcp tables for weeks.

I understand. This is the router for normal people who are not interested in DNS, DHCP, configuring a VOIP phone etc. However I am and therefore it wasn't doing the job for me. Then it started telling me that the wifi was limited. That normally means the radio connection is fine but the IP addresses are not being issued.

So I went out and bought the latest type of router. A Netgear D6400.

Netgear D6400

I cheated a little by giving it the same SSID and password of the HomeHub to save time when the clients logged in but it is now my new router.

The router seems to be recognising names of clients on the lan, dhcp is working but not as configurable as I was expecting, dns can now use other dns servers rather than being locked to BT so the change has done mostly what I wanted.

The main thing for me was now being 100% sure I can scrap BT's router.


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