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Microsoft Retail Experience

This year my holiday took me to San Francisco. Unfortunately I could not quite abandon my tendency to 'go geek' and I decided to visit a Microsoft Store in the Westfield Centre which is in Market Street. In one sense the store is pretty much a reasonable 'copy' of the Apple retail experience. Open plan, benches, designed to let customers linger and touch working systems and plenty of demos for the kids and the curious. My original intention was just to look. However they had a HP Stream 7 Windows tablet for sale at $88 including taxes. A Windows tablet is normally pretty useless. Too small to run Windows desktop and too few apps in touch screen mode. This one was running the rather unusual Windows 8.1 with Bing OS. Windows 8.1 with Bing is pretty much the same as any other Windows 8.1 but the manufacturer, in this case HP, must set Bing as the default search engine to pay $0 for the software licence. As a customer you can change search to Yahoo, Google or whatever