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Digital Music

Years ago consuming music was easy. You bought a record and played it. The cassette tape came along and teens recorded the radio to save money but basically bought records because of the quality. When the world began to go digital it was pretty clear that you could make an exact copy of your favourite music and pass that around. Quality got better and if people copied their music with the same enthusiasm as cassettes then one record could be copied 100s of millions of times. In the 1990s Napster was born. Basically people figured out how to share their music on an industrial scale. It was the record company's worst nightmare. If you believe their story it was all pretty innocent stuff. Napster didn't even think about the music business. All they wanted was to share their music. A documentary called Downloaded by filmmaker Alex Winter explored the Napster phenomena in detail. Suffice to say that it's influence, whether intended or not, has affected the business model of th