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Is this the end for Windowsphone?

I am one of the few. I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 Windowsphone. Windowsphone, as a platform, has been around for 4 years. Launched as Windowsphone 7, became Windowsphone 8 and is now Windowsphone 8.1. I am not a 'Johnny come lately' to the system. I bought a heavy Nokia Lumia 800, I broke the screen and moved onto a 610, then an 820 and now a 1020. The latter has the 41megapixel camera and it is great. My Windowsphone is easy to use, takes great pictures, has a bunch of apps and generally performs well. The shutter speed is a little slow but that seems to be the trade off for the pixels. However the market share has not reached a tipping point except in the very low cost phone market. In effect the low end Windowsphones have replaced the feature phones of old. A basic phone is now pretty much a low end Android device or a Windowsphone. The killer flagship Windowsphone has disappeared. Some large 'phablet' phones have arrived but nothing that has excited the market. In the