Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Samsung Ad Battle

Samsung is trying to point out the big hole in the iPhone armoury - it's battery.

IPhone owners have a battery that can't be replaced and some journalists say is under-powered. IPhone 6 rumours have speculated that Apple are going to put in a super battery to stop the habit of constant charging and a bigger battery is the number one request from iphone owners.

The only problem with a bigger battery is that you need a bigger phone to put it in. Iphone owners are really demanding and want a slimmer iphone.

Playing on this dilemma Samsung have highlighted the problems of low battery power and arguably chipped away just a little more at the image of Apple products.


Friday, 4 July 2014

We're Back!

Yes my Surface Pro tablet/pc has arrived back. Microsoft didn't fix it they replaced the device. In the meantime they launched a Surface Pro 3 at an incredible price.

My Surface Pro is essentially a tablet. A 10 inch screen that is highly portable but does run Windows Pro 8.1. That means you can install Office and other apps and actually use it for something useful. You wouldn't use my Surface Pro as a real PC most of the time. This contrasts with IOS on the iPad and Android tablets that are more single use devices. There is nothing wrong with single use tablets but as it turned out Microsoft make a good tablet. The problem with Surface is lack of maturity as a tablet OS. There is a massive contrast between the tablet experience of Surface and the PC experience. That's why I spent a little extra on the 'pro' edition so I could use real Windows applications.

Although the big move in the consumer space is towards the 'app' and the 'browser' there are plenty of enterprise tools that require Windows desktop. That's where the Surface Pro comes in.

The Surface Pro 3 is a different beast. It is a reluctant tablet. The screen is 12 inches that makes it almost too big for a tablet. However the same screen makes it too small to be an ultrabook. It doesn't come with a keyboard but once you fit one then you can see the marketing strategy to compete with the MacBook Air on price, performance and occasional tablet capability.

The Surface Pro 3 is too expensive for the average consumer wanting a PC/Laptop/Ultrabook but for the business or the pro-consumer that would have looked seriously at the MacBook AIr this may be the pc for them.

One finally postscript. My ssd drive failed on the Surface Pro. I lost everything. However not really because most of my documents I care about are in Onedrive in the cloud. So while it took ages to do the Windows updates my documents were just where I left them - in the cloud. So moving to the cloud really does work.


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