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It's Dead Jim!

Like Dr McCoy I had an experience with my relatively new Surface Pro tablet today. A one point it froze, said something was wrong and then couldn't boot. I would like to be nice to Microsoft and praise the company for a website that really helped but it sent me round in circles.  Like most companies they want to minimise the support calls and get the customer to go through the troubleshooting process before they pick up the phone. This isn't unique. The call centre for most broadband providers run through a script that involves the cliché of switching off your router and turning it back on again! Being an IT guy (ah ha!) I had already done that with the Surface Pro, done a hard reset etc and I still had a brick that booted to the 'trusted' bios and would not go further. The flashing amber light beyond the air vent pretty much screamed hardware failure. When you actually discover the correct rabbit hole on the Microsoft website that gets a warranty repair it's very s