The missing tech stores .....

Recently I have returned from a holiday of a lifetime. I visited New York City. New York is a city of approximately 8.5 million centred around Manhatten island. One of the things a UK visitor is interested in is the price of technology. Gadgets are just cheaper in the US than Europe. There is an array of small tech shops selling Chinese tablets, cameras and gifts. There is a great new Apple Store at Grand Central Station but where could I buy a PC?

Unfortunately there is no flagship store to buy a lap. HP, Dell, Lenovo etc don't have any sales strategy for the millions of tourists passing through NYC. Microsoft don't have a flagship store. Google don't have a place to buy Chromebooks or promote their platform(s).

It's interesting that Apple have created a technology experience for shoppers worldwide and the other vendors are a long way from competing - even in a key US city.


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