Almost the end for XP

It's the last few hours for updates to Windows XP. After today the 400 million copies of XP still sitting out there somewhere will no longer be updated by Microsoft.

Even after the very long notice given to people about the end of life for XP the UK Government has done a last minute deal to spend £5 million on keeping Windows XP running a little longer. Apparently they haven't had time to upgrade to Windows 7 (2009) or Windows 8 (2012) or Windows 8.1 (2013).

When Windows XP was born Twitter and Facebook hadn't been invented, Apple had the ipad but no phone and Windows mobile was selling well. XP gained its reputation after Windows Vista failed completely. The upgrade cycle was broken. Microsoft even gave XP a bit more life by allowing it to be installed on Netbooks when they (Microsoft) thought Linux might take hold of the Netbook.

So we are heading to unknown territory. XP is now open to attack by viruses, malicious software and the like. As well as hitting people running this software on their PC there is also the problem that XP may hit Microsoft's reputation by simply failing on people's pcs. Never before have so many 'unsupported' computers been live on the Internet. How it all turns out is currently unknown!


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