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Why you might be better off with pirated content

Digital media means that you can make a perfect copy of content every time. As long as you accurately copy all the bits of music, movies or software you get a perfect copy every time. This has not been lost on content creators who have created a model of digital content based on complex anti-piracy systems using encryption and digital certificates. This is called Digital Rights Management  (DRM). From a customer perspective this is creating digital ecosystems on the Internet. Content islands where the stuff you spend money on will only work on specific devices. The side effect is that you get locked in to manufacturer specific hardware and software with an inability to choose and alternative provider without  losing your digital content. This is exactly the opposite to traditional physical goods. If you have a DVD you can loan it to your friends and they can play it without a problem. It doesn't matter if you buy your DVD from Amazon or a supermarket you can play the DVD on any p

Pre-order Fail

Like many people I pre-ordered the Xbox One. Pre-Order should mean the manufacturer knows almost exactly how many products are needed on day one. I pre-ordered in September. Today I got an email from Game (,uk) saying that my pre-order would not be delivered on the first day of availability but 'before Christmas'.  I guess the fan boy inside me should have just let it go. Maybe most people would let it go. However I cancelled the order. I think pre-orders should mean delivery on the day of release. Otherwise a pre-order   becomes a queue. An online queue is exactly the same as a real queue. The only difference is that you don't sit outside a store in Microsoft's virtual queue. So over-hyped and not available unless you are at the front of the virtual queue. Link:  Meet the Xbox One