Podcast Mystery

The latest figures on Windowsphone show that sales are now up to 9.2% market share in the UK. Now rocketing ahead of Blackberry. So maybe I might have a moderately popular Nokia Lumia 820 by this time next year.

In the meantime I got the GDR 2 update this week. GDR stands for 'general distribution release'. Apparently Microsoft are releasing more patches at some point called GDR 3 and then next year the update formerly codenamed 'blue' will become Windowsphone 8.1.

With this update the FM radio feature was restored. It was last seen in Windowsphone 7 but disappeared when 8 was released. However I was hoping for podcast support. I used to like listening to downloaded podcasts on my Windowsphone 7 and I was amazed that if was not in Windowsphone 8. Apparently US customers have this feature but the rest of the world doesn't. I can't understand the logic of this.

The workaround for Windowsphone owners is bizarre. Basically you download the desktop sync app from Microsoft and then ITunes. Use iTunes to sync your podcasts and then setup the desktop sync app to work with iTunes. In other words you use an Apple product to get podcasts on a Windowsphone.

Thanks Apple for helping out Windowsphone!





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