New Surfaces

Microsoft have announced Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. This is the updated versions of Microsoft's entry into the tablet market. The confusing thing about Surface is that one version of Windows will run normal Windows applications and the other will run only the new 'Metro' style applications with the exception of a special version of Microsoft Office.

The Surface Pro 2 is a very expensive 'ultrabook' type of PC that has a 10 inch screen and can be used as a tablet. The Surface 2 is a tablet that can be used as a PC occasionally to do some work with standard Office apps.

The Surface Pro 2 product makes a lot of sense. A fully Windows compatible PC. A premium priced product for people who have the money to pay extra for that particular format. For a half gigabyte drive version of Surface Pro 2 you will be paying £1400. That is not the PC most people would buy. A very decent super thin laptop can be purchased for around £900 with a 14 inch screen.

Most tablet purchases right now are about consumption; movies, photos, web browsing, reading books etc. Most buyers are buying the iPad because of the Apple brand and most buyers of Android devices buy on price. The Surface 2 is the tablet that is not cheap nor from a brand that is recognised for making tablets. People who recognise the Windows name will be confused that the Surface 2, unlike the Pro, will not run Windows applications.

Last year the original Surface RT didn't sell well. Microsoft took a $900 write down of stock. I can't see how this new product changes the situation.


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