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Xbox Music - 8 months after launch and still a beta product

Zune was Microsoft's little competitor to the iPod. Outside the USA virtually no one knew it even existed. This is because Microsoft took the decision not to sell it outside the USA. The latter versions of the Zune were actually pretty good MP3 players that were cheaper than the 'i' products but Microsoft were just a little too late to join the MP3 party. They also had a fairly dubious record of extensive software protection, dropping products suddenly and poor content provision. They did actually a music store and a music streaming service called Zune Music Pass. However as the Zune never really sold outside the USA and this was the only device that was supported almost no one had heard about it either. This Zune advert from a few years ago pokes fun at the cost of filling up your iPod legally from an online music store - not mentioning any specific names. When Windowsphone 7 arrived the Zune devices were discontinued in the USA and you could now use the Windowsphone with